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Tuesday, December 6, 2011



For some reason I just love the sound of that word.  Boooooondoggle!  It’s a word that seems to fit anywhere; from the White House (“This legislation Sir is nothing but a boondoggle!”) to an alligator hunter in a Louisiana bayou (“Goin up dat der chanel aint nuttun but a boondoggle Bubba!”)

A boondoggle is a wasteful pursuit; an unnecessary and immoral use of time and money, especially when undertaken for personal or political gain.  Like a highway or a bridge or a railway to nowhere.  It may line someone’s pocket, or feed someone’s ego, but serves no useful purpose. 

Churches have boondoggles too.  Sacred cows that died in the traces and we’re still trying to plow with them.  Or milk them.  We’re feeding good hay to rotting carcasses, which is a morbid and immoral waste of time and money.  That’s got to stop.  Some pastor might want to use this blog at their next board meeting, and that’s OK.  As much as I love the word, our boondoggles have got to go. Amen.    

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