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Friday, December 16, 2011

The truth about Christian Marriages

Mom and Dad, married 40 years
The truth about Christian Marriages

Because the world is rotten, it wants Christians to be rotten too.  Therefore the world loves statistics like: there is no statistical difference between the number of Christians who get divorced and non Christians who get divorced.  You rotten Christians!

However, in 2005 a New York Times reporter discovered a flaw that led to inflated statistics on divorce.  Faithfully married folks were only counted once, but unfaithful divorced folks got counted every time they divorced.  Some roustabouts were getting counted three or four times.  Rotten roustabouts!

When the flaw was corrected by simply counting, one time, those who had been divorced versus those who had never been divorced; the divorce rate in America fell from almost 60% to under 41%.  Thanks mostly to Christians!  Further, people who are committed Christians are 35% less likely to divorce than those who are not committed Christians.  So, we’re not so rotten after all!  And, Christianity still affects marriage in positive moral ways.  Now that’s more like it!

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