Jesus loves white trash!

Yesterday I was driving on Sunrise Avenue in Citrus Heights when I saw a white Ford truck with a provocative sticker in the rear window.  It said, “Jesus loves white trash!”  I don’t know if it was referring to people, or the chic movement.  After my initial shock, my next reaction was to see if the driver was a white guy.  He was.

I didn’t get a chance to pull the guy over to ask him what he was trying to communicate.  Was he serious or trying to be funny?  He looked pretty normal, but you can’t tell much by looks.  I didn’t see a Bible anywhere.  I took all this in at two stop lights; then he was gone.    

If we’re talking about people, then even provocative and sometimes stupid bumper stickers like that one, can be true.  I guarantee you that Jesus loves people more than anything.  Red, Yellow, Brown, Black or White; all are precious in His sight.  Even people who consider themselves white trash, and are proud of it.  O what a Savior our Jesus is!