My niece, dreaming in church :)
A Dream Comes True!

Joseph, in the OT, wasn’t the only “Dreamer” in the Bible.  The Joseph in the NT was too!  Though determined to divorce Mary, Jesus’ mother, he changed his mind because of what God showed him in a dream.  Later, he took the baby Jesus to Egypt because of a dream. After that he brought his family back to Israel because of a dream, and then took them to live in Nazareth instead of Jerusalem because of a dream.  Joseph was literally living the life of his dreams.  His life was a dream comes true.  He followed his dreams to God’s will. 

God still speaks to people today through dreams.  His primary choice is the Bible, but He still uses dreams and visions, as prophesied by Joel and confirmed by Peter, to specify His will.  This means that your life could be a dream comes true too!  You could literally live the life of your dreams as Joseph did!  You could follow your dreams to the will of God. 
My hope and prayer for you is that you will listen closely to Him, however He speaks, and that 2012 will be the year your dreams come true! Amen!