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Thursday, January 5, 2012

With Us in Exile

With Us in Exile

Did you ever notice that when God drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden (Gen. 3) He went with them?  It’s true!  In the very next chapter, in the process of time, when Adam and his family needed God for anything, He was right there with them just as before.  He was with them in exile.  Why would He do that?  Because He loved them more than He loved the Garden of Eden.  He loved them more than He loved His stuff.  He did exactly what Savior’s do when they are in love.  He went with them into exile.

Margaret once told me, “Lonnie, I’ll go with you to the jumpin’ off place!  But, if you decide to jump, you’re on your own buddy!”  But, she must have changed her affection for me somewhere along the way because over the years I’ve jumped a time or two, and she went right over the deep end with me.  That’s what people do who are in love with you. 

My point: no matter where you are today, or what you’re going through, God is with you!  And He always will be!  Why? Because He loves you just that much.  More than the Garden of Eden.  More than all His stuff.  And, He’s proved it! He went with us into exile because, when You love someone more than anything else in the world, that’s what You do.   

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