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Friday, May 11, 2012

May Newsletter

Pentecostal Church of God
Northern California/Nevada District
Rev. Lonnie J. Cox, District Bishop
To the excellent Pastors, Ministers, and Congregations of our District Church,
April was a “loaded” month!  I’m going to try to squeeze everything in for you, so go grab a cup of coffee, sit down in a comfortable chair and enjoy the news.  Sorry we’re so late!

Credentials Committee: 4-3-12. I began the day by finding a stolen car, on blocks, stashed behind our district office!  The police informed me it had been stolen earlier that morning.  I told our candidates it was a stolen car and one of them said, “I know, I already bought the wheels off of it.”  (Now that’s funny right there!) We approved 3 excellent applicants for ministry to be ratified by the District Board.  Rev. Roy Chavez (Exhorter); Rev Augustin (Auggie) Hernandez (License); Rev. Nick Marshall (License)  

A timely gift!  Pastor Tim Stewart from Live Oak (a former police officer) said, “I heard you wrote a blog about preachers and guns, so I thought I’d give you one of your own!” Relax! It’s not a real one, but it’s not a toy either. It is a pistol laser pointer.  Though it’s harmless, I must admit I felt empowered when I pointed it! Ha! Considering the stolen car we found in the parking lot that morning, I thought it was a timely gift.  Don’t argue with me, or I’ll laser you!    

At District Convention our churches raised $4,800.00 for a drainage problem at the Mindanao PCG and Bible College in the Philippines.  PTL! Missionary David Parkman sent us a “thumbs up” and thank you card.  David and Paula’s son has now joined them for another generation of great PCG missionaries in the Philippines.

Two Churches remodeling for Grand Openings!
New Pastors Roy and Mindy Gross are working feverishly to reopen Living Word PCG on Loma Ave in Lodi by the end of May. PTL! We can hardly wait! 

Wow!  Above are some of the 160+ people who attended the first service at Harvest Fellowship PCG in Sonora on April 1, with Pastors Kim and Denise Bankston.  Outstanding remodel work on this Sanctuary! PTL!  Margaret and I are scheduled to visit on June 3 and we can hardly wait!

Vision Visits:

April 1 Full Gospel Tabernacle at Cardinal/Weber in Stockton with Pastors Ron and Linda Anderson. We are so proud of the great job these pastors are doing.  Ron was Ordained last year and is putting his calling to work! Look at the beautiful  new sidewalk on Cardinal Street! PTL! P.S.: We really enjoyed the Sunday School teaching of Sister Doretha Meeker.  Great Stuff!  

April 4 Easter Resurrection Sunday at Freedom Worship and Education Center, Kelseyville, with Pastors Greg and Kate Hartman and daughter Bethany.  During the service we officially installed the Pastors.  Greg and Dr. Kate also lead a Bible University with 100+ students that meet in 4 different locations. As the new name of the church indicates, they are dedicated to both ministries.  We are very excited about this church. PTL!

April 15 at Redemption Road at Red Bluff.  I preached for my brother Mike who was preaching a Men’s Conference and Revival in San Diego.  We were blessed with 4 souls savedJanie Dubbs is an awesome Sunday School teacher.  Sue and the kids entertained us for lunch.  Mike and Sue are building a new “barn” on their property north of Red Bluff.        

April 16.  NCV Revival NightPresbyter Larry Spivey hosted this service at Freedom Worship Center in Manteca with Gen. Bishop Charles Scott preaching on “Don’t Move to Moab!” My favorite quote was, “Where ever the church is silent, a substitute will rise up to take its place.” It was great to fellowship with the pastors of NCV section. Also, Bishop Scott presented Rev. Anthony Roman with his credential in this service. PTL! 

April 22. Sunday morning with Don, Giovanna and the boys at Orangevale. I personally enjoyed one of their best Worship Services, using the older new songs like, “Wrap Me in Your Arms!” It was great! PTL!

April 22. Sunday afternoon at Multitudes of Color, North Sacramento,   with Pastors Brent and Olivia Paige and their son Ben. I was so blessed to receive communion! We’re excited about this new church.  PTL!
April 29. Wow what a church!  We enjoyed two outstanding morning services at Palermo Bible Family Church with “the happiest pastors in the world!” Mike and Pat Jacobsen! With their sons Chris and Daniel working with them, they have every right to be delighted.  We were blessed with 5 precious souls saved.  In the early morning worship hour we enjoyed traditional Pentecostal music led by Pat, with 50-75 people attending. In the 2nd worship service we enjoyed contemporary Pentecostal music with Daniel and Crystal leading and 150-200 in attendance.  This church is making full use of its property. PTL!  

April 30. Revival at Lighthouse Christian Center, Olivehurst, with Pastors Dana and Linda Poe and Evangel-ist David Mann (Rachelle, Victoria, David and David Jr.)  Bro. Mann continues to stir our hearts to love God and live right.  Two outstanding quotes: “Some Christians seem to believe that God got saved somewhere between the OT and NT!”  And, “Every time God calls a young preacher to the ministry, it proves that He hasn’t given up on mankind.”  I love that thought!  PTL, and keep preachin’ it preacher!  

Churches Open: If you are interested in one of these churches call the District Office or the Sectional Presbyter.  You must be clear and you must submit a resume to the District Office before trying out. 
Lighthouse Christian Fellowship in Orick.  Redwood Empire Section, Presbyter Jim Ford. This beautiful little church has been open for several months.  Located 25 miles north of Arcata on Hwy 101.
Faith Tabernacle in Sacramento. Capitol Section, Presbyter Richard Sinclair. Call the District Office first if you feel interested in this beautiful church. Located just south of I-80 in North Sacramento.  

Full Gospel Fellowship in Gardnerville, Nev.  Cal-Neva Section, Presbyter Chris King. This beautiful church came open on May 6, just before this Newsletter went out.  Located on Hwy 395, about 20 miles south of Carson City, it is a lovely place to live and pastor.  A golden opportunity.  

Harold Bell Wright, “We build temples and churches, but will not worship in them; we hire spiritual advisers, but refuse to heed them; we buy bibles, but will not read them; believing in God, we do not fear him; acknowledging Christ, we neither follow nor obey Him.”

World Missions Director Virgil Kincaid, “We are fishing for records as we need them!”

National Women Ministries Director Janice Scott, “I love what I get to do.”

Evangelist Sandi Burris, “I hear my Bible talking to me!”

District Ladies Faith Lift!    
Over and over again different ladies told me that this was the best District Women’s Conference ever! PTL for that good report!  We were blessed with 550+ ladies who gathered in from across the District Church to worship God and celebrate sanctified womanhood!  During the entire conference the attendance never fell under 450 ladies.  The Man Zone was the farthest back I’ve ever seen it! PTL! 

After the Conference, Margaret and Irmgard took Evangelist Sandi up to Crescent City to preach and do some sightseeing.  Margaret’s puppy TC must have figured out she was leaving for a few days.  Do you think he wanted to go?  It didn’t work and he had to stay with me.  Poor puppy!

Kay Kincaid, Pastor’s Wife of Echoes of Calvary in Anderson, testified of God’s amazing miracle power in delivering her from a massive tumor in her head.  God even provided her with a top rated Christian Surgeon who donated his services.  God still works miracles today in every aspect of life: Spiritual, Physical, Social, and Financial.  Kay’s message is that we can and should continue to trust Jesus for everything. Amen.  

Attention! Attention! Attention!  You don’t want to miss the Spring Rally inside Six Flags at 3pm on Saturday afternoon, May 19!  This could be the best youth rally we’ve ever had!  The Dolphin Fountains inside Six Flags is a main crossroad in the park.  Thousands of people will be passing by and we want to invite them to meet Jesus and worship God with us.  You will have great fun and raise money for the Youth Dept. at the same time! For Tickets contact: Don Cox at 916-723-2467 or  

In Him,
Rev. Lonnie J Cox, District Bishop NCAPCG 

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